Sound Never Tasted So Good

"Teaching" Sensory Rhetorics

by Steph Ceraso

Sound Never Tasted So Good: “Teaching” Sensory Rhetorics explores how teaching with sound can lead to a deeper understanding of how the senses work together, ecologically. This multimedia book focuses on a “multisensory dining event” in which Steph Ceraso's students worked with a chef to create original sonic compositions that complimented and enhanced the visual design, smell, texture, and taste of a prepared meal. The event introduced students to new ideas about the rhetorical possibilities of sound and raised questions about when and why sensory rhetorics fail. Multisensory projects like this one, Ceraso argues, can attune us to the ambient rhetoric that influences moods and behaviors in a range of everyday settings. Drawing from a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary scholarship and media, Sound Never Tasted So Good offers a sensuous approach to digital writing and rhetoric pedagogy and advances discourse on the role of the senses in educational experiences.



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